Slow Computer?
Crashed Computer?
Computer Virus?

Wondering What To Do With Your Old Computer? Need a computer fixed? You can speed up your old Mac or PC, for $39.99. You can boot almost any old computer with this product. If you are looking for the cheapest, fastest, easiest way to get your old computer up and running again, buy a JumpSTICK™ branded USB device, plug it into your computer (Apple or PC), boot to USB and you are done. Once your computer is booted, you simply use it. If you wish to actually clean your old hard drive and delete the infected virus files, then you can do that as well. Slow Internet? Virus? Crashes? Locking up? - JumpSTICK™ will have your computer booted and running like it should without any problems in about a minute. No tech support call, no delay and no big bill. Similar to how you would jump start your car, you simply JumpSTICK™ your computer. It's easy.

EXAMPLE: The computer below was found in the trash as it was junk. The keyboard is fried, the sound was fried and the hard drive was crashed, so we plugged in a JumpSTICK™ , booted to USB and used our new (to us) free computer. This is how easy it can be to fix your computer.

How-To Make An Old Computer Work Again? We found a free computer in the trash and fixed with a JumpSTICK USB device for $39.99. This can fix computers.

Make Old Computers Work Again. Fix computers.

Fix a PC. Fix a Macbook. Repairs Mac or PC for $39.99

Buy A JumpSTICK Now at $39.99 USD.
Nothing ships until your payment clears. Actual USB device shape may vary from above. Available in the USA Only.

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Want to surf the Web faster? Want a fixed computer? Want PRIVACY?
Just #JumpSTICK it! 

Windows 7 "End Of Life" - The #INFOCALYPSE is upon us, JumpSTICK Saves!

You do not have to install yet another Windows upgrade. You do not need a new computer. Those are simply not true and unless your computer is broken physically then it is just fine and you can use this product instead to boot up and continue to work safely. You can save your work exactly where it is now in the same folders. You can even clean the virus files off your old hard drive if you like. You do not need technical support to do this, it's easy.

  • No need to upgrade your Operating System to fix issues
  • No need to pay for technical support you don't really need
  • No need to buy a new computer for nothing
  • No reason to worry about software "END OF LIFE" support hype
  • If you have 1GB of RAM (you do) then this works.
  • The Fast Fix, Easy & Cheap Computer Repair.

The end of support is January 2020, so this Cyber Monday 2019 you need to make the best deal online, you need to buy a JumpSTICK branded USB device and get your computer up and running like it should. This is level 1 easy and no technical skill is required.

If you want more #Privacy, then you need JumpSTICK™.

When you use the Internet from your computer and visit certain popular websites, they install what is called a "Tracker", which then allows them to find out exactly where you go online besides their website. This is possible because your browser does not erase the cookies and other tracking debris it collects during your sessions. If you use your browser in "private window" mode then this helps defeat these trackers to some extent. If absolutely nothing is retained after your use is over (exactly what happens when using a JumpSTICKBranded USB Device which starts fresh every time you boot to it), then that is one step better. Using a Web Browser that provides a Virtual Private Network connection to the Internet (included), is yet another step you can take to maintain some privacy.

  • Maintain your privacy
  • Give "Advertisers" less to work with
  • Use the Internet with less Ads

Get the most cost effective tech gift of the 2019 Christmas Season, this Cyber Monday buy a JumpSTICK branded USB device.

Want The Best Deal On A New Computer?
JumpSTICK The One You Already Have!

Your computer is slow, and probably has a virus. You don't have money to spend on a new one or even more "tech support". It's a good thing None of that is a problem any more.

NOTE: Repair options like virus removal are available to you on a JumpSTICK™ if you choose to clean your old infested hard drive. See the instructions here on how to clean virus files [how-to clean virii off your hard drive].

NOTE: No Internet connection is required.

Fast, Easy & Cheap Computer Repair.

JumpSTICK branded USB device allows you to boot almost any computer 2011 model or above (Apple or PC). Easy, Fast and Cheap Computer Repair - $39.99.

TOP 3 reasons to buy a

1. Your computer won't boot.
There are a million reasons why your computer won't boot and since you are not a technician and don't want to spend the money to have technical support look into those possible causes, which cost too much; you simply buy a JumpSTICK and you no longer have to worry or pay.

2. The Internet is slow.
This is common and again can have many reasons but we can tell you it's not your service provider, its your old beat computer. Plug in a JumpSTICK, boot to USB and surf the web faster.

3. You have a virus.
Everyone has one so this is normal. JumpSTICK allows you to run an Operating System that is LESS prone to get a virus than both Mac and PC. You can use the provided Anti-Virus to even clean your old onboard hard drive if you like unless your old hard disk is encrypted.

  • Supports Apple Mac (MacBook, iMac) and PC (Dell, HP, Gateway, Compaq, Lenovo, IBM) Laptop and Desktop Computers that will boot to USB).
  • Does not erase your existing files, format your hard drive or re-install your Operating System. It just works from USB.
  • Allows you to access your photo's, music and files in all but a few cases.
  • Works even if your onboard keyboard, hard drive and sound are broken or missing.
  • If your notebook's LCD is broken simply plug in an external monitor and boot with this product.
  • Allows your old computer to boot and get online in minutes even if your system usually has problems.
  • Allows you to not have to worry about End Of Life for Windows 7.
  • The best Cyber Monday deal of 2019.
  • Includes updated Web Browsers and Anti-Virus which you can use to actually clean and fix your computer (some technical ability is required to perform these task).
  • Allows you to connect your Android mobile phone / device and see all the files as well as save them to another device without extra software.
  • Surf The Web quickly and without delays.

HOW-TO Boot to USB: Please see your computer manufacturers directions for booting to a USB device. The information below is provided as a courtesy only and does not replace any of the directions provided by your computer's manufacturer.

  • Acer, Dell, Fujitsu, IBM, Lenovo & Toshiba F12
  • Compaq & HP ESC or F9
  • Asus ESC or F8
  • Samsung ESC
  • Sony F11

Slow Computer?
Crashed Computer?
Computer Virus?

Buy Now!

The best deal on a new computer is to fix the one you have for $39.99. JumpSTICK branded USB device includes an Open Source Operating System. The fee charged here is for the hardware device and a service fee for the configuration of that device only. Shipping is included in the United States only. This device is not for sale outside of the United States. This product incorporates publicly available (Open Source) software, and is provided under the appropriate licensing for it in accordance with the information posted here: https://ubuntu.com/licensing and the GNU General Public License, the text of which is available at https://www.gnu.org/licenses/gpl-2.0.html.

What Are People Saying About This?

"I saved over $300 Dollars by not having to replace my computer. All I really needed was to buy a JumpSTICK, plug it in and go on with my life." -Abner J

How IT Works

JumpSTICK is a USB drive that simply bypasses your hard disk and boot a completely different Operating System. One that is fast, secure and virtually worry free.

Fix Your Computer While You Relax

Includes popular and updated versions of Web Browsers like Chrome, FireFox and Opera. Also includes up to date Anti-Virus Software as well.

Cloud Safe AND private

Your usage is not tracked when you use JumpSTICK because it boots up brand new every single time you use it so there are no cookies or trackers.

The main Point

You can boot almost ANY COMPUTER even if its missing a hard drive or has only 1GB of ram. You simply stick this in and boot in seconds.

Do what you like

Plays all your music, videos and opens all your documents, Includes popular office tools and internet applications.

Social Safety

Keep hackers at bay by NOT giving them a target they can do anything with. You leave no footprint for them to follow.

go FASTer, Do More

Surf faster, crank out your documents or presentation then simply email it to yourself. Nothing is more reliable.

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